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Erica Pelosini Balmain skirt

I thought it was going to turn into a dual wielding fight to the death filled with fire and bullets

that’s why I only said like 90%

There’s still the lack of punching god and fucking a demon on god’s corpse and then riding a sweet ass hotrod blasting perturbator while I’m surrounded by those skull dudes in masks blasting away dragons with rhino revolvers and valkyries come to help and also odin gives me his spear to “fuck everything” and harrison ford is there as bladerunner and gives me his gun and tells me I’m the new bladerunner.

that is 100% my fetish.

Dream Scene

A man. You? A person. You are viewing this person through the third person. Is walking down what appears to be a crowded cyberpunk street. People are being herded into groups and inspected. 

The assumption is people are after you. 

How are you not being noticed? This is not clarified. Nevertheless people are terrified and being put in harms way and it’s your fault. You need to do something. You come to a “garage”. Or what is actually a platform with holographic readouts of weapons and a vehicle. 

You pick out the parts for your apparently customizable gun. Thank god no one has still noticed you doing all this. 

Someone notices you. They begin letting the sirens roll. You turn to see the encroaching mob of enforcers in all black descend upon you. You start walking towards the exit.

As you walk, you hear wings in the distance. You pick up speed. An angel wielding a mace drops down right in front of you. He is going to kill you. You slide under him at the last second and turn on what is essentially the light-cycle from tron. and escape. 

This is the beginning of a war or something.

This is a dream I had and it’s like 90% of my fetish.

“Wow I’m feelin it!”
— me, right before I lose all feelin.

I was mentioned in someone’s artist list…


it’s a special day, yo.

“Remember, God didn’t say, ‘I’m gonna make light now,’ he said, ‘Let there be light.’ His first act was to allow light into what had been Nothing. Like God, you also have to always work with the light, make it do only what you want it to do.”
— Thomas Pynchon, Against the Day (via likeafieldmouse)