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Comic Idea #something

For a long time I’ve been wanting to make a zombie comic revolving around Draugr in norse myth. Didn’t really know how to set it up or how to put it all together, I still don’t really. It’s pretty loose in my mind still because I’m not sure if repercussions from what happens in this comic continues through all my subsequent comics but so far it’s:

Vikings and other cultures of that time band together to fight an onslaught of draugr. Hope to include a lot of really fun references to the old ideas of what a zombie/draugr is. As well as have a lot of fun with drawing armors and follow specific rules in order to kill the draugr.

Could be fun. Also I had a dream where I was some sort of Anglican knight who was a reincarnated viking and I had gone to hel and this was apparently a big deal to the group I was with.

This could be a puzzle piece I need to make things happen but I’m not sure.